I guess you all know the cliché :" the American people only worry about themselves, and they barely know where Canada is so let's not ask them where Europe is, and moreover where a specific town in Europe is". Before you get too furious know that I personally do not agree with this cliché. I don't know that many American guys (yet :D ) but for the one I know they're not fitting within that cliché (anyhow, if you want to have fun with clichés, have a look at this funny video )
But even though I don't think everyone out of Europe ignore where it is I think that a little post just to remind everyone where's the town I'm going to talk about in the entire blog (Paris) won't be useless (and it'll be a good warm up for me...my very first post on this blog :D )

So, let’s start with a wide view of mother earth, you’ll notice some part of it is redish it’s Europe :

World Map

That’s okay ? Try to keep focused as until now it was only the easy part (because I guess you all knew what a world map look like before I showed you this one ;) ). Well, let’s zoom a bit on Europe and spot my country : France.

Europe Map

Okay ? Not lost yet ;) ? If you are, just look at the two last maps at the same time : the second map is showing you the part in red within the first one. Well, I’m sure you’ve followed very well so far. Now let’s enter France (such a beautiful country :) ) and try to locate the capital (and the town I live in) : Paris !

France Map

Easy stuff right ? It’s more or less where “France” was written on the previous map ;) By the way you may notice the scale on the bottom left of the picture, it might help you figuring out the size of France (even if I know that most of you, my beloved readers ;) , are not comfortable with kilometers :D ).

So, now we all know where’s the town I live in, and much more important : where’s the town I’m willing to make you discover through my eyes and everyday life :D ! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do ^^ !…Well, I should stop this post here as I’ve finished localizing Paris, but as you’ve been courageous enough to read all this geographic lesson let’s just add a little teaser of the town itself :) …Let’s have a look at a map of the town and while you look at it count how many items displayed on this map you know (let me give you a tip : if you’re afraid of knowing none, search for a tower a bit on the left, there’s one you must know about ;) ) :

Paris Map

So, how many did you knew about (post a comment to tell :D ) ? The tip was, of course, the Eiffel tower which is, i guess, the most famous monument in Paris (and in France). The Eiffel Tower is labeled “Tour Eiffel” on the map, you can’t miss it (I bet you all understood that “Tour Eiffel” means “Eiffel Tower” in French, you’re already becoming bilingual, I’m impressed ;) ! ). And if you knew sites in Paris that weren’t on the map don’t worry : I agree with you on the fact that this map lacks a lot of places, but hey it’s impossible to spot every good places in Paris on such a small map :)

Well that’s all for now, it's already a too long post ! I hope you enjoyed the quick trip, see you soon for a real dive in Paris ;) ! And for now you may want to continue with learning what you must see if you ever visit Paris :)